Expert Advice: How To Buy Vintage Watches

Expert Advice: How To Buy Vintage Watches

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Expert Advice: How To Buy Vintage Watches

  • As noted in my previous article about buying pre-owned watches, the market for truly vintage watches is something quite different from that for relatively young pre-owned watches. Any watch made before 1990 could be considered vintage, although some collectors put the maximum year of vintage at 1980 or even earlier. I d like to use 1990 as the baseline for this article, which offers my tips on buying vintage watches, but in the end you ll have to decide for yourself whether a given watch is old enough for you to qualify it as vintage. 

    There are two very important questions to consider when it comes to buying vintage watches:

    ? Can you and do you trust the seller of the watch?
    Does the seller has a good reputation when it comes to selling vintage watches? Investigate! There are enough forums, Facebook groups and blogs out there that might have mentioned the seller in a positive or negative manner. Although it might sound clich , also learn to trust your gut feelings. If the purchase doesn t feel good or legit, let it go, and rest assured that another nice vintage piece will come along.

    ? Have you gained as much knowledge as you can on the watch you want to buy?

    Reading WatchTime and is always an excellent source of info (of course)! But also take a look at other partner watch blogs like Watch-Insider, Fratello Watches and so on. There is quite a bit of coverage out there on replica tag heuer monaco vintage watches. Google is your best friend if you re just starting out. Sometimes you will find relatively small websites that specialize in just one brand or even one model, and these can be gems. An example is this website on vintage Omega Constellation watches. A truly amazing source of information, and all for free. And along with websites, we also have these old-fashioned things called books. Don t forget about those.

    The publisher Mondani has done a good job on documenting Rolex watches, but the recently released book on Speedmaster watches (by WatchPrint), Moonwatch Only sets new standards. Books such as these may seem expensive, but they can prevent you from making mistakes that will cost you a fortune later. Read here why you should invest in a good book on watches. In the WatchTime Shop, you will find a selection of available titles that might be of use as well. Another interesting source of information are the auction-house websites and catalogs.

    Beyond all that, there are a few other replica omega speedmaster things to consider, some of which I addressed in my article on pre-owned watches in general. On the next page, I will address them specifically for vintage watches:

    Don t expect invoices from the 1950s and 1960s to be included in the sale. I assume your parents or grandparents don t have these anymore either, do they? It is important that a vintage watch is technically in good working order. If not, you can go through hell with regards to the availability (and prices!) of spare parts. It can be a long road. I had to wait for over a year on a silly movement part for one of my 1950s Omegas. Some watchmakers are able to reproduce the parts themselves, or reuse something from another movement. It would be best if the watch is serviced at the manufacture, but having receipts from a good watchmaker will also do the job as long as there is some kind of proof that the watch has been taken care of.


    Expert Advice: How To Buy Vintage Watches

    Expert Advice: How To Buy Vintage Watches
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