Fratello Friday: My Top 3 Most Interesting Omega Speedmasters

Fratello Friday: My Top 3 Most Interesting Omega Speedmasters

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Fratello Friday: My Top 3 Most Interesting Omega Speedmasters

  • Among all the watches with interesting histories, Omega s Speedmaster Professional is one that truly stands out. It was C and still is C the official watch for replica breitling Transocean NASA astronauts performing EVA (extra-vehicular activities). NASA chose the Speedmaster to become the official chronograph watch for astronauts in 1965, after a process that included rigorous test procedures.

    As some of you might know, at Fratellowatches we have a weekly recurring item called Speedy Tuesday . In this series, we put a special Omega Speedmaster in the spotlight. Whether it is the very first Speedmaster from 1957, a collectible limited edition that commemorates the Apollo space program or just a regular Speedmaster Professional Moonwatch that has been with the first owner for over 30 years, we love to put these stories online. Ever since we started the Speedy Tuesday series, in May 2012, we have come across some very cool and rare Omega Speedmaster watches.

    For this Fratello Friday, I selected three of the most special Speedmasters that we ve come across in the past year while preparing our Speedy Tuesday posts. While it would have been easier to select 10, or even 20, choosing a top three makes one think harder to determine which are most special or have the more interesting story.

    1. Reinhard Furrer s Speedmaster Professional

    This is by far my first choice of Speedmasters that I ve come across in the last year. The dial marks it as rather unusual, with radial Arabic indexes on the counters. This particular watch was in use by astronaut Reinhard Furrer of the ESA (European Space Agency, a counterpart to NASA), who flew with the Space Shuttle STS-61A mission in 1985. The son of another ESA astronaut handed it over to me for inspection, as he didn t knew exactly what he had in his hands.

    After the Apollo program, NASA decided to hold another competition for an official watch for astronauts. In 1978, after a similar test procedure they performed in the 1960s, NASA chose C again C the Omega Speedmaster Professional to become the official watch for the Space Shuttle program. Omega shipped 56 Omega Speedmaster Professional watches to NASA for use during the Space Shuttle missions. You probably guessed it already by now; this particular watch is one of those 56 watches.

    I was able to wear it for a week or so, and it is hard to describe the feeling it gave me wearing a watch that has been on the wrist of astronauts and aboard one of the Space Shuttles. Unfortunately, after taking pictures and sorting some things out for the current owner, I had to give it back. The full story on this particular watch can be read here.

    2. 1969 Speedmaster Professional BA145.022 With Burgundy Bezel

    In 1969, just after the Apollo 11 mission that successfully put Buzz Aldrin and Neil Armstrong on the Moon, Omega introduced a gold Speedmaster Professional with a burgundy-colored bezel to commemorate the mission. Omega produced 1,014 pieces of this model. The first 28 went to the White House and the next 26 were given to the NASA astronauts at that time. Number 1 was offered to President Richard Nixon, but he declined it (probably because of some policy regarding gifts). This particular one is on display in the Omega museum in Bienne, Switzerland; I had the honor to put it on my wrist when I visited there at the end of 2011. A number of readers and contributors to the Speedy Tuesday series have reported that they own one of 

    Fratello Friday: My Top 3 Most Interesting Omega Speedmasters

    Fratello Friday: My Top 3 Most Interesting Omega Speedmasters
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